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Home delivery of any kind of Medical, Health and Fitness products

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A trader of refurbished mainframe hardware and has since developed into one of the leading suppliers of new, EOL and Legacy hardware.

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  • Location Management
  • Job Management
  • User Management
  • Client Management
  • Product Management
  • Messaging and Notification
  • Movie Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and Report
  • Theatre Settings
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Services We Provide

Business Streamlining Services

We Provide BSS Services in radical redesign of core business process to achieve improvements in Productivity, Cycle times and Quality. Our service emphasis on customer needs and delivering high value products. Improved processes with the integration of latest technology for operability, performance. Our business Streamlining Services leads to refined business model with advancement in enterprise activities and aid in data dissemination and decision making.

Mobile Apps Design

Techtonne is a leading-edge in mobile app development, with the Team of experts who are well-versed in building apps across major platform-whether its iOS, Android or both. Quality User interface, Accessibility and user-friendly designs are major components of our design catering towards effective, sustainable and suitability. Focused and specific models with top-notch innovations, helping your app to be latest, Smartest and the shiniest.


At TechTonne we acquire consumer-centric understanding, market dynamics and best practices for brands to help them provide absolute service in the digital world. The service we provide helps you boost your online revenues with quality assured results, cost-benefit approach, and scale able throughput. Our methodology will differentiate you with the competitors acquiring more visitors with eye-catching features and specialties.

Collective Solutions

Our collective solution aims to provide companies with strategic IT guidance according to enterprise Architecture, Standard and Awareness of technology Initiatives. Our service incorporates factors such as security, Scalability cost and management providing solutions for larger networks assembling critical needs and high-performance delivery. Exclusive solution for companies across multiple platforms and service areas.

How We Initate Business

Do you need assistance? We help you with practical solutions.
Do you have concepts in mind? We observe and develop your concept into work.
Here’s a typical workflow on how we work.

Some Of Our Clients

How Can Your Business Flourish With Us?


Employ cloud services, making services accessible anytime and anywhere.


Ensuring ultimate security with assessment tools, Protection Policy and Encryption.


Use Automation techniques to work smarter and intelligent.

Market-Friendly Approach

Providing the necessary liquidity and growth recognizing market Imperfections.

Economic Evaluation

Choosing the most effective method minimizing cost, measuring utility values.

High-Quality Deliverables

Preserve excellence from criterion Quality planning to QA Checklist.

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Our Workplace

We believe a successful team is a group of many hands and one mind. Our dedicated team, therefore share vision and work collectively to deliver Performance at its best.
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